Which processes can Antanas automate?

Antanas is a robust automation robot that can adapt to a wide scope of your company’s assignments along with external or internal databases. Antanas is successfully performing the functions listed below.


Signing documents with mobile and/or electronic signature

Antanas is able to sign the documents created by both the user or by Antanas himself, either with an electronic or mobile signature, based on the user-defined parameters. This is highly convenient if a large number of money transfers are made or need to be made periodically.

Forming a query

According to the user-defined parameters, the robot will autonomously connect to internal or external databases where the robot is set to collect information. Queries formed in such way are convenient to use for further actions.

Uploading the obtained results to internal or external sources

Following to the user-defined parameters, the robot independently connects to internal or external databases, where it uploads the outcome created by the user and/or generated by the robot himself (documents, data, etc.). Antanas is able to perform dozens of actions simultaneously, therefore, the company’s processes can be significantly optimized.

Creating document templates

The robot stores the autonomously received data in document templates. He registers such documents, sends them to the specified addressees by e-mail or files for mailing. Therefore, all you need to do is take care of the physical envelopes and letters.

Processing of information

Antanas autonomosoly analyses the imported data, searches for data discrepancies, and makes decisions for further actions based on their outcome. The robot calculates the probability of errors and finds alternative implementation sequences.


Antanas operates 24/7 and helps to effectively process large amount of data in an extremely short time span.

How this works

Importing data from browser

The robot copies the data from the system running in a web browser and transfers it to other internal or external databases. Due to the efficiency of program optimisation and processing speed, even extremely large amount of data can be transferred quickly and securely.

How this works

Automatic document creation

Antanas automatically generates various types of documents (Word, Excel or PDF) with an option to insert required or indicated information.

How this works

Automatic recognition of money transfers

Antanas can log into the banking system having a previously received an approval from the user. The robot is able to recognise the transferred funds and deliver this information for further actions. The robot is set to function 24/7, therefore, Antanas will immediately leverage the information about the transfer for subsequent processes.

How this works

Uploading documents to an external database

The information received and/or processed can be directly uploaded and hosted in the external databases. Antanas executes the sequences of actions defined by the user, therefore, the robot ensures that the data processed is always uploaded where it belongs.


ANTANAS is a particularly flexible automation robot that can be used in various fields. The robot is especially useful in cases where a lot of repetitive routine actions are performed. Antanas is a robust automation robot that can adapt to a wide scope of your company’s assignments. The robot turns out to be extremely useful when it comes to tasks involving repetitive actions.




Many others

Antanas is currently designed to work in four fields

For claimants, defendants, lawyers and bailiffs.

  • The robot Antanas automatically connects to the EPP system
  • The robot Antanas collects information about all files on behalf of the user in the EPP system
  • Monitors all changes to the existing user files
  • Notifies the user about the current changes and saves the change history
  • Uploads documents to the EPP system
  • Downloads documents from the EPP system

Designed for bailiffs

  • The robot automatically connects to the Bailiffs Information System (AIS) system
  • The robot automatically collects information about the debtor’s financial situation: bank accounts, workplaces, movable and immovable property, pension funds, etc.
  • The robot automatically tracks the procedural deadlines
  • At the end of the procedural deadline, the robot initiates automatic processes, e.g. queries to workplaces, property queries, etc.
  • The robot analyses the responses received from databases, i.e.: identifies workplaces, identifies the buyers of new property, draws up procedural documents, informs the consumer if the debtor’s status has changed, etc.
  • The robot automatically seizes the debtors’ bank accounts and gives instructions to the debtor’s workplaces
  • The robot automatically moves the documents generated by bailiffs to the AIS
  • The robot automatically moves bank transfers to the AIS
  • The robot automatically monitors all bailiff files
  • The robot performs other user-defined repetitive tasks

For recoverer or their representatives

From 1st January 2021. In the Republic of Lithuania, all enforcement documents will be distributed to bailiffs proportionally, which means that the claimant will no longer be able choose a bailiff independently. Antanas the Robot will connect to the Bailiffs Information System (AIS) on behalf of the recoverer and track the progress of enforcement cases.

The robot automatically connects to the Bailiffs Information System (AIS) system

  • The robot automatically collects information about all the claimant’s files held by different bailiffs
  • The robot monitors changes in enforcement cases, i.e. enforcement actions performed by a bailiff – inquiries, opened procedural documents, money paid or disbursed, etc.

Transfer of data from the information system of the bailiff’s office to the WEB server, from which the users transfer the information to their databases.

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